SeaCross has partnered with Kongsberg Digital to develop innovative products and end-to-end solutions for high-speed navigation and fast craft simulation.

The announcement has taken place at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in London, which is held on 10-13 September.

The new partnership will utilise the joint strength of the two companies.

The training aspect is comprehensively covered by Kongsberg Digital’s K-Sim fast craft simulator technology.

Designed to provide trainees with a realistic perception of operating in a real-life environment, the simulator utilises an advanced physics engine, motion system and hydrodynamic vessel modelling capabilities to replicate the behavior of high-speed vessels at all speeds in various sea states.

This allows military and professional fast craft operators to perform efficient and safe training in tactical scenarios, which would be dangerous, expensive and resource-demanding in real life.

The K-Sim fast craft layout can be customised to mirror onboard operator positions of specific craft, enabling the integration of real controllers, indicators and displays, while a low-radius cylindrical visual projection system provides a better vertical field of view.

The training objectives met exceed boat handling and high-speed navigation to include full-scale tactical scenarios, with the system’s capability to incorporate firing of multiple weapon types.

The training process is overseen by a leading-edge instructor, monitoring and assessment system.

The SeaCross navigation system has been developed for use in crafts that can reach speeds of up to 100 knots in the challenging environments of littoral waters or open seas.

The SeaCross system has been built based on experience and knowledge derived from operating a high-speed craft in a demanding navigational environment.

The SeaCross navigation system is a modular, scalable and fully integrated system, specifically designed to meet the requirements for high-speed operations.

It includes unique capabilities that are specific to operators of high-speed interceptors, search and rescue (SAR) and patrol vessels or any operator, requiring accurate real-time data.

Since the first product launch in 2006, SeaCross has evolved into a platform with unique functionality, specifically designed for the most demanding environments and end-users.

The navigation system is currently in use on a large number of vessels around the world. The primary customers are special forces, police, firefighting vessels, coastguard, SAR and naval forces.

Kongsberg Digital business and development defence vice-president Lars Klemmetsby said: “Kongsberg and SeaCross have already been co-operating with common clients, including police, naval and special forces, and this exciting new partnership arrangement further strengthens our co-operation and allows us to benefit from SeaCross’ vast knowledge and experience within high-speed navigation and fast craft operations.

“Jointly, we are able to offer the highest quality solutions for navigation and simulator training within this segment.”

SeaCross Marine able seaman (AB) Axel Törneman said: “Kongsberg’s K-Sim fast craft simulator technology offers a unique addition in the training programs our customers conduct to secure safety and effectiveness when using the SeaCross navigation system.”

“By combining our expertise and technology, users will be able to leverage the power of the SeaCross system when they come to deploy it in real-life situations.”

Kongsberg Digital is a provider of next-generation software and digital solutions to customers within maritime, oil, renewables and utility sectors.