Cloudis is delighted to announce that Sea Trucks Group (STG) has become its latest CMPIC cable management software user.

CMPIC is being used initially on the Jascon 18 vessel, which is being fitted out in Singapore. Jascon 18 with its twin-working decks is the deep water flagship of STG’s DP-3 offshore construction vessel fleet. This vessel is built according to the group’s hybrid design philosophy and capable of performing a wide variety of marine construction and pipelay tasks in both ultra deep water and continental shelf environments.

STG are using CMPIC to route and manage some 20,000 cables on the Jascon 18 vessel. The nodal network of hangers, penetrations and trays has been created in 3D AutoCAD 2011 and is then exported to CMPIC where it is used to route and manage the cables.

Ian Barnes, sales and commercial director at Cloudis, said: "Sea Trucks Group is our first customer in Singapore and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them. We carried out a remote installation of CMPIC and have been supporting the STG people with training and guidance, also remotely. STG staff have already been seeing how using CMPIC offers great benefits for the Jascon 18 project."

Tom Ford, electrical and instrumentation manager at STG, said: "It has given STG complete control of the thousands of cables on-board this technically complex vessel. As a result we anticipate minimal cable wastage and more efficient use of manpower. It also allows us at a glance to track percentage progress of cable installation and terminations."