SPINNER is expanding its solutions in the field of rotary joints for satellite communications to include a further component: a compact slip ring with very thin walls now complements the range of standard couplings for all fields of use.

The new S³ technology (slim sized slip ring) from SPINNER is optimised to combine a dual channel RF joint with a dual channel slip ring with an unchanged overall length of the RF coupling (approx. 55mm) and a minimal external diameter of less than 50mm. The design of the slip ring channels makes it possible to transmit up to 10A (per channel). The slip ring is also suitable for transmitting signals and data.

The slip ring currently has a design with the dimensions shown in the table. It is available from SPINNER as a simple slip ring or in combination with other transmission channels. Depending on the customer’s request, the slip ring can be combined with various standard RF couplings, such as BN 153167, 153168 in a U or L shape (see picture left page). It is also possible to integrate all single channel RF (for example BN 835045, 835047, …) or optical joints (single and dual channel).

The special S³ technology means that many accurately defined contact points are used for each transmission channel. A very reliable, un-interrupted transmission is guaranteed due to the high number of contact points. SPINNER’s many years of experience with contacting RF joints has made it possible to design the contact point in the slip ring to be low-wear and, thus, low-maintenance.

From the very beginning, the slip ring was developed while taking into account the fundamental legal requirements and standards, such as ROHS, REACH and DIN EN 60950. These standards can also be complied with for customer-specific developments.

The advantage of the technology comes from its compact structure, with the removal of the conventional module/brush technology it is possible to achieve a wall thickness for the entire slip ring of less than 10mm. The picture above shows a solution with several channels and a modular solution for up to ten channels. As can be seen, the thickness of the slip ring is defined by the integrated bearing, i.e. the transmission channels can be integrated at this height.

The technology is being used initially in satellite communications. The S³ slip ring makes it possible to create two paths to supply the antenna motor in a very compact and, therefore, very light design. It allows location-independent in-flight entertainment (telephony and internet) on long-haul and short-haul flights.

The consistent development of the SPINNER portfolio means we can now provide all cuastomers with solutions from one single source. As a supplier with the following transmission types and their combinations, SPINNER is rising to the new challenges posed by existing and new customers for applications from the industrial sector:

  • RF couplings in contacting and non-contacting designs
  • Optical joints in multi and single mode designs with up to 20 channels in four casing graduations
  • Media joints in two performance and size categories
  • Non-contacting active rotary joints for energy and data transmission
  • Compact slip rings with S³ technology with thin walls
  • Integration of slip rings by renowned manufacturers into hybrid rotary joints