SENER participated in the annual COMPIT event this year from 12 – 14 May 2014 in Redworth, UK.

This event takes place in Europe each year, as an international conference on computer applications and information technology in the maritime industries.

In this edition Rodrigo Pérez presented the paper "An Innovative Approach for Hull Surface Fairing" written by Rodrigo Perez and Mirko Toman, both from SENER.

The paper describes some new capabilities within FORAN to improve the hull forms fairing. The process starts from a set of preliminary hull surfaces, from scratch or after transforming existing hulls. An innovative approach in FORAN allows intelligent shape transformation of objects composed by solids, surfaces, curves, points and meshes.

FORAN is a shipbuilding-oriented CAD/CAM System developed by SENER. With the aid of these options in FORAN, the hull fairing is more controlled and the overall ship design process improved.