Sener presents Foran FBasic at SNAME 2015

Sener engineering and technology group took an active part in the World Maritime Technology Conference 2015, the annual congress organised by the US association of naval architects (SNAME), which groups most areas within the maritime industry.

This time the event was held in Providence, Rhode Island, from 3-7 November. During the congress, Sener Marine North America manager, Verónica Alonso, presented a work about the new FBasic module of the Foran System, written in collaboration with Sener Marine South Europe manager, Rodrigo Pérez.

Foran, a shipbuilding CAD / CAM System with more than 50 years in the market, had some modules for the naval architecture calculations from the beginning. Sener has recently developed a new and innovative application, FBasic, which groups the former modules and incorporates new capabilities in order to aid the naval architects during the important tasks they have to carry out at early ship design stages.

Some remarkable aspects of the new application are the possibility to calculate and evaluate dynamic stability criteria and longitudinal strength during the loading condition definition, the advanced management of the lightship weight distribution and the automatic insertion of graphs in the user-tailored results reports.

FBasic incorporates most part of the rules and regulations from the regulatory bodies, both for commercial and naval vessels, and also allows the definition of new criteria by the user.

During her presentation, Verónica Alonso observed: "Sener is the Foran developer, but it is a company with more than 50 years of experience in ship design too, which gave us a better understanding about the important challenges to be achieved at early design stages.

Sener presents Foran FBasic in SNAME WMTC 2015

"Shipbuilding industry is more and more demanding every day, and all stakeholders such as ship owners, design offices, shipyards, regulatory bodies and operators are asking for more complex, sustainable and suave vessels, with an efficient and profitable operation.

"But, in addition, the project has to be developed in a global and remote environment, in less time and saving costs. This can also be achieved by using the proper solutions; the Foran Systems development strategy is focused on these requirements."

Sener has recently signed important contracts in the US, where it is working to contribute in the optimisation and growing of the sector.