The Spanish engineering company Seaplace has recently acquired new licenses of the CAD/CAM FORAN System, to be used in its marine projects. The scope of the new agreement includes the packages of forms, naval architecture and advanced design and drawing of the version V70 of FORAN. These licenses are added to the ones Seaplace already had.

"FORAN system efficiency allows us to be very competitive in concept and basic design projects and in particular in the projects of specific vessels for offshore operations" said José María Berbiela, commercial director of Seaplace, after the signature of the new agreement.

Seaplace is currently using the naval architecture modules of FORAN V70 for the design of an offshore crane vessel with a lifting capacity of 2,500ST and length overall of 172.5 m. It is a highly sophisticated vessel that complies with the following regulations: CRANE SHIP, DP3 (dynamic positioning type 3), FiFi 2 (equipment against fire class 2), PMC 2 (mooring in close proximity to other installations) and SPS 2008 code. The estimated workload by Seaplace for the design contracted is around 10,000 engineering hours.

The engineers of Seaplace have a deep understanding of FORAN. That is why it is used successfully as the only shipbuilding CAD / CAM system in the company for the development of naval architecture calculations and for the basic and detailed engineering, structure and outfitting of any kind of ship or offshore unit. Seaplace has been using FORAN in projects about offshore units, oceanographic and research vessels, patrol vessels, fishing vessels and many more.

The close collaboration between SENER and Seaplace started in 1998, when they signed an agreement for the FORAN installation in Seaplace, in particular the following discipline; forms, naval architecture, structure, outfitting and advanced design and drafting. Since then, Seaplace has been using FORAN continuously.

Luis García, General Manager, SENER Marine Business Unit, said: "With the extension of licenses of the latest version of FORAN V70, launched by SENER in November 2010, Seaplace takes a big step forward in its technology upgrade to continue offering high value-added services to the industry."