saes event stand

Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica Submarina (SAES) will be exhibiting its products and solutions in Poland this week, one of the most influential fairs of the sector in Europe.

Poland is one of the countries of interest for the company due to the important projects, present and future, related with submarine and anti-submarine warfare. SAES has a wide range of systems at the forefront of the market in those areas, specifically in sonar systems, ASW, sonobuoy processing, signature intelligence, multi-influence naval mines, maritime and coast security and simulation.

Products that are more interesting for people attending are the ASW systems for aircraft and surface vessels as Sonobuoy processing acoustic systems (SPAS) and remote operation ASW systems (ROASW). In fact, SAES was recently in Poland having meet with important local and international companies in order to establish commercial collaborations.

ROASW is a two segment system; airborne segment (AS) and the surface segment (SS):

  • ROASW-AS is a distant and elevated platform for sensors. The ROASW-AS provides remote ASW capabilities without the need of a dedicated sensor
  • ROASW-SS: Controls and monitors ROASW-AS operation from the surface segment. Through the data link (STANAG 7085 compliance), acoustic and non-acoustic sensors (RADAR and FLIR) and tactical data are downlinked and interchanged with other surface segments through either a line of sight (LOS) or through satellite (SATCOM)

The latest plans to modernise the navy includes the provision of submarines, surface platforms, helos, unmanned vessels and UAVs together the fact that in the modern ASW framework all these platforms collaborate in a network centric warfare (NCW), make ROASW the perfect solution. This system constitutes a unique, fully integrated ship / air weapon solution that allow to make quick and agile centralised decision allowing communication of tactical data and acoustic by surface-to-surface (S2S), surface-to-helo (S2H) and surface-to-satellite (SATCOM)

In fact, one of the most technologically advances navies, the Swedish Royal Navy has equipped its Visby-class corvettes and HKP-15 helicopters with the ROASW system.

Other systems for systems for underwater SIGINT as ulti-influence range system (MIRS) and exercise mines multi-influence naval mines (MINEA) are of the interest of the companies and authorities at the fair.

MIRS provides real influence measures (magnetic, electric, pressure, acoustic, and seismic) in a real and controlled scenario, to successfully counteract threats. Some decisive advantage of MIRS is the portability, low-weight and power consumption and high-performance, which lets to obtain all signatures of the ship in different geographical locations. Additionally, the exercise MINEA family (also available at combat version) are other of products of interest since can be used, in addition to training at MCM, to gather intelligence information by measurement and recording of ships influence signatures.

The easy integration of its systems and the experience in important international programs are some of the characteristics that defines this hi-tech Spanish company.