SAES will be running a conference about the importance of the anti-submarine warfare and the ways in which new political challanges can be confronted.

The company will participate in collaboration with Navantia at the IMDEX Asia Maritime defence exhibition and conference (stand R-21), which will be held from 16-19 May, at the Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore.

The SAES anti-submarine warfare line manager Mr Gutierrez will offer a conference entitled: ‘Anti-submarine Warfare Solutions in Littoral Waters’ on 17 May at 3pm.

At the exhibition, SAES will also promote the Naval Mines MINEA and the Multi-Influence Range Station (MIRS).

Anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions are intended to protect naval forces, and merchant and commercial shipping against submarine threats.

In an ASW mission, different platforms such as combat ships, helicopters and aircrafts are deployed.

The success of the mission depends on different factors, for example technology, level of coordination of the deployed resources, operators training, and effectiveness of ASW platforms.

In recent years, due to new political situations, these missions have become particularly relevant with the emergence of new naval and aerial platforms, which have diversified the traditional Concept of Operation (CONOP).

The objective of this presentation is to analyze the turbofan and turboprop platform, and helicopters. This analysis is not intended to make a qualitative comparative, as the platforms have been conceived and designed for a different concept of operation.

When selecting the suitability of one platform, it is critical to know what type of ASW mission is intended in order to choose the ideal platform.

SAES has a deep knowledge in this issue and is a recognised developer of ASW systems.

Protection against mines

The line manager of Naval Mines and Multi-Influence Range Stations will be at the exhibition in order to promote two of the SAES products: the MINEA smart naval mine and MIRS.

MINEA is a set of Multi-Influence Naval Mines which use a variety of sensors to detect different physical influences.

The family of MINEA products comprises three types of naval mines: cylindrical bottom mines, conical shaped shallow-water mines and moored mines. Both are available in combat and exercise version.

One of the main advantages of MINEA is that its shape, dimensions and operation are similar to combat mines, recording all the signatures and events for debriefing and analysis.

MIRS is a portable system to obtain the complete signature of a ship. The methods it uses provides real influence measures (magnetic, electric, pressure, acoustic and seismic) to successfully counteract threats in a real and controlled scenario.

Compared to fixed stations, it provides a decisive advantage to obtain all the signatures of the target ship in any geographical location.

MIRS can be used in different operational scenarios:

  • As a multi-influence range station, which is either portable or fixed.
  • Providing maritime area protection.
  • As a discrete device to gather signature intelligence information (SIGINT).
  • As an R&D tool to develop and validate studies for signature reduction.
  • As a tool to verify real-time ship signature levels (acoustic, magnetic and electrical) when vessels are leaving the base.

SAES will also be promoting its exercise naval mines.

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