SAES will show mock-up of multi-influence naval mine MINEA at INDODEFENCE 2016

Specialist in acoustic and underwater electronics SAES participates with a stand (stand A-097) at one of South East Asia’s biggest expo and conference on defence, aerospace and marine industry, held from 2-5 November at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia.

The company state there is an increasing need for protection and control of vessel traffic strategic areas, straits and other maritime zones of forced use because of geographical or commercial reasons in the region.

"The protection of these areas is vital to the economy of the countries involved, which makes necessary to know in depth the specific area of naval mines in the frame of naval warfare.

"Naval mines are a strategic weapon par excellence, apart from being one of the naval weapons of greater efficiency for their ability to deny the naval space only with the knowledge that a country owns them," said from the company.

SAES will conduct a presentation entitled ‘Do you know what is really powerful? Naval Mines and Multi-influence Range Systems for Submarine and Ships’, explaining the advantages of the one of the most powerful and cutting-edge family of naval mines: MINEA.

"Naval mines are not only useful to dissuade, no ship is safe until every soul on board has the perception of doing something to find the secure path to the deep blue water, which means that everybody on board should be aware of how naval mines operate.

"MINEA naval exercise mine provides this knowledge," said the head of the naval mines and range station business line at SAES.

The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday 2 November, 2pm at Theater 1 – Hall B.

Anti-submarine warfare

Another main area is the anti-submarine warfare. Changes in the concept of operation of the anti-submarine warfare missions (ASW), modern submarines which have technological advances in enhanced propulsion, quieting techniques and coordinated weapons technologies and new geopolitical scenarios comes to SAES to look for effective solutions.

For anti-submarine warfare, the sonobuoy acoustic processing systems (SPAS) family is able to process the most advanced passive and active sonobuoys in analogue and digital implementation and is available for installation on-board combat ships, MPA and Helo, has aroused a great interest in the region.

"Also, we would like to promote our equipments for ground support and acoustic intelligence such as fast time analyser (FTAS), classification system (SICLA) and the tactical acoustic trainer (TAT), as well as to introduce one of the most advanced development, the remote operation ASW (ROASW) system," said the company.

ROASW is a new anti-submarine warfare (ASW) solution that provides a unique and fully integrated ship / air weapon system, initially designed to enhance and extend the ship acoustic sensors. The ROASW system receives, controls and monitors remotely the acoustic and tactical information from deployed resources.

SAES also provides advanced technology in other naval areas such as:

  • Maritime security: SAES develops systems to protect critical infrastructures such as ports, drilling platforms or wrecks and also for environmental protection
  • Simulation and training: Tactical simulator for submarines, sonar simulator / stimulator and training systems for acoustic operators
  • SAES services: engineering services, verification and testing systems, maintenance, aftersales support, education and training