SAES will participate, in collaboration with Navantia, at the NAVDEX International defence exhibition and conference (stand B-057), which will be held from 19 to 23 February at Abu Dhabi. Following lines describes the challenge on Naval Warfare and the solutions that SAES has developed to face them.

The challenge.
Nobody can accurately say how many naval mines the countries in the Middle East and North African region possess since it is one of the most secret pieces of information about countries all over the world. The unquestionable fact is that naval mines are a strategic weapon par excellence: naval mines can deny naval space and have the power to produce greater lethal damage at reduced cost.

The more modern naval mines, capable of being activated by magnetic, electrical or acoustic influences, make this threat bigger. As a result, there has been a significant increase in investments related to the protection and control of strategic areas, straits and other force-used maritime zones.

Protection against mines.
For the effective protection of maritime areas, military personnel should be familiar with naval mines and understand concepts like multi-influence ship signatures and how the ships are "seen" by the mine or how the naval mines can be programmed.

There are two effective ways to provide that knowledge. First, understanding the complete signature of the ships, which includes the electric, magnetic, pressure, seismic and acoustic radiation. Secondly, but equally as important is training. In this sense, naval mine training is a good investment so that the crew knows how smart naval mines work and how to prevent damage from them.

SAES, have developed two industry-leading solutions: MIRS and MINEA.