SAES has once again attended this important professional meeting in Seville from 10-13 May, where the main manufacturers, contractors and companies in the aerospace sector meet.

The aeronautical industry is one sector where the high technology is more in demand, representing an opportunity for the companies that are able to offer innovative solutions for aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

SAES has showed its technological capabilities and air-borne ASW products to major companies in the sector, in order to establish business partnerships.

The ROASW (Remote Operation ASW System) and the SPAS (Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic System) are examples of systems that provide high functionalities for air and sea platforms and easy integration.

Remote Operation ASW (ROASW) System

The ROASW system, based on acoustic sonobuoys processing, allows the exchange of information between multiple platforms (surface ships as frigates or corvettes, helicopters and UAVs) the centralised management and the rapid making decisions.

Installed onboard of manned / unmanned air vehicle, the system allows them to receive through data relay (STANAG 7085 compliance) the acoustic and tactical information from sensors (passive, active and digital).

Other non-acoustic information such as Radar and EO can also be received. Additionally, the ROASW system is able to collaborate in a Network Centric Warfare (NCW), essential in new ASW / ASuW mission.

The Swedish Royal Navy has equipped their Visby class corvettes and HKP-15 helicopters with the ROASW system.

Sonobuoy Processing Acoustic System (SPAS)

SPAS systems is another SAES system that fully covers the new requirements of ASW missions.

The SPAS system detects, localises and tracks submarines and surface ships based on analysis of acoustic signals acquired by deployed passive and active sonobuoys, both analog and digital versions.

SAES delivers a complete ASW solution system, SPAS is integrated with other equipments as a digital recorder (DR), digital sonobuoy receiver (SDSR), preamplifier/s, V/UHF transceiver, directional finder and sonobuoy launcher, conforming a complete sonobuoy processing acoustic system.

SPAS is installed and fully operative onboard aircrafts (P-3B/M Orion MPA and C-295 MPA aircraft), helicopters (SH-60B LAMPS and HKP15 A-109) and surface ships (visby class corvettes).