Foran lead

FORAN has been used by the naval architecture firm Robert Allan Ltd in the review of the production design of 6,000 HP shallow draft pushboats, to be built in Erin Shipyard in Manaus, Brazil.

Robert Allan, a naval architecture and marine engineering company based in Vancouver, Canada signed a contract with SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas SA (SENER) for the use of FORAN FVIEWER during this project.

The 6,000 HP shallow draft pushboat was designed by Robert Allan for Hidrovias do Brasil.

Ghenova Ingenieria and Ghenova Brasil are developing the complete 3D model and 2D production design.

Robert Allan is providing construction support to Hidrovias do Brasil during the production, engineering and construction phases.

Part of Robert Allan’s scope is the review of the production design that is being developed by Ghenova Ingeneria. The firm is using FORAN FVIEWER to aid in the review of the 3D production model.

FORAN FVIEWER is a solution in FORAN, developed by SENER, which allows the user to navigate around the ship’s 3D model. It also has capabilities to query the model about properties and attributes, as well as to check visual interferences and make annotations.

The solution is further very useful to measure clearances and distances and to study ergonomics.

Being developed in native 64 bits allows the use of more than 4GB RAM and means the latest graphic cards capabilities can be taken advantage of. The benefit is that FORAN FVIEWER can handle a huge amount of data in an efficient way.

FORAN FVIEWER has helped Robert Allan in the review of the 3D production design and has proved to be a useful tool, helping with the successful completion of the project.

SENER and Robert Allan hope to keep collaborating for future projects.

SENER is playing an important role in the shipbuilding CAD/CAM field in North America.