Assessing the power and location of noise sources has become easier with the 2270-G, a unique system available from Brüel & Kjær which uses sound intensity techniques.

This complete system consists of a hand-held sound level metre, sound intensity software and a sound intensity probe. It is unique because it provides on-screen camera pictures of the measurement object and clearly displays coloured sound power contours over the image, as well as providing reporting capabilities.

The system packages the best technique to perform sound power measurements in the field with a dedicated configuration that reduces the time and effort involved. The battery-operated, highly portable system allows one person to make sound intensity measurements, complying with the IEC 61043 sound intensity standard.

The 2270-G utilises a proprietary phase-calibration technique that allows users to make all measurements using just a single spacer between the two microphones on the sound intensity probe, covering a frequency range from 50Hz to 10kHz.

Excellent portability makes it ideal for any kind of survey work, from quick determination of noise sources inside trains or aeroplanes, assessing the sound power of consumer goods and assessing the sound power of machinery during development.

For manufacturers of products such as washing machines, lawn mowers and electric motor devices, faced with increasing pressure to fulfil national and international standards on noise, this system is an ideal development tool.

It also enables manufacturers to investigate and assess individual component parts, such as those that come from sub-suppliers, further helping to predict noise output and ensure the final products comply with international noise level standards.

Data from 2270-G can be exported to Brüel & Kjær’s PULSE platform of analysis software and displayed as 2D and 3D maps. The latest version also fulfils the sound intensity-based standards for sound power determination (ISO-9614-1, ISO-9614-2, ANSI S12.12, ECMA 160).