iX Cameras of Woburn, Massachusetts, US, and Rochford, UK, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-speed imaging cameras, announces recent sales success in China. Everlight Electronics Co., BSH Company, and Donghua University recently selected i-SPEED 7 series cameras for their advanced scientific testing applications, including product deformation analysis, electrostatic spin technology development, and high-speed SEM bonding technologies. In addition, Samsung Electronics (Suzhuo) recently selected the i-SPEED 3 series cameras for advanced production line and industrial inspection.

These recent sales demonstrate continued growth of high-speed video as a non-contact technology option for advanced research applications, and the appeal of iX Cameras’ state-of-the-art camera technology. Many of these research applications require the unprecedented combination of the zoom-in 3.1 megapixel resolution and 26 gigapixel recording speed. Once reserved only for government-sponsored ballistics test houses, these high-end, feature-rich high-speed video cameras are now becoming prevalent staples in company research laboratories worldwide.

iX Cameras president and CEO Peter Carelas said: "These recent successes in China validate our growth strategy for iX. We invested heavily in the i-SPEED 7 Series to create a line of ultra-fast, powerful cameras that, for the first time, are affordable by engineers and researchers worldwide. The continued growth of iX Cameras is further proof that our combination of technology and ease-of-use is a market winner. As video grows in popularity as an applied scientific tool, our cameras will gain adoption as tools for studying the newest technical achievements. I welcome Samsung, Everlight, Donghua University and BSH to the ever growing fraternity of iX customers."