Aydin Yazilim ve Elektronik San. A.S. (AYESAS) of Turkey is awarded a contract for the delivery of an air traffic management gateway for 11 air command control system (ACCS) LOC1 static sites, by NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency.

Since 1990, AYESAS is a major sensor and systems integration solutions supplier to the Turkish Armed Forces, as well as an air defence and naval C4I, maritime surveillance and situational awareness solutions provider, advanced electronics and electro-mechanical assembly supplier for major global aerospace and defence companies.

Moreover, AYESAS has been successfully supporting the NCI Agency through ACCS LOC1 replication sites programme as the site-subcontractor.

AYESAS is recognised globally for its ability to offer great flexibility, cost-efficiency, accuracy and innovation power along the sensor and systems integration solutions.

For the requirement of ACCS LOC1 static sites to interface with air traffic control centres to get information data supporting different important operational functions and the operational needs of ACCS sites to transmit and receive flight plan messages from external ATM centres.

Under the contract, AYESAS shall be responsible for the procurement, installation and integration of an air traffic management gateway (software and hardware) at 11 ACCS LOC1 static sites. AYESAS shall also be responsible for providing training, warranty and initial support services.