Naiad Dynamics, an international manufacturer of ship motion control technologies, today announced the introduction of the first products in a new line of electric-powered stabiliser systems designed specifically for use on ships operating both AtSpeed® and AtRest®.

Naiad Dynamics CEO John Venables said: "These new stabilisers are a modern refinement of electric-powered stabilisers Naiad first developed for naval applications in 2008.

"We are now introducing these systems to the recreational and commercial marine markets alongside our complete range of proven hydraulic stabilisers to provide a choice for designers and builders who may prefer not to use hydraulics."

The initial model E-525 is available with a 7.5kW or 11 kW AC servo motor drive, and is designed for fin sizes ranging from 1sqm to over 3.5sqm for vessels typically 35m to 50m in length.

The company will roll out additional electric-powered systems through 2015 and 2016.

Naiad’s electric stabiliser eliminates the entire hydraulic system, reducing the number of installed components and the system’s overall complexity and weight. It also eliminates installation costs associated with interconnecting fluid lines, all with no sacrifice in power and performance.

Naiad’s electric servo motor-actuator design generates the same amount of force as two hydraulic cylinders used in an equivalent hydraulic stabiliser model.

Like all Naiad fin stabilisers, these new products are built with the highest-quality materials and workmanship. Major components are machined in-house to US military standards in Naiad’s ISO 9001:2008 certified factory.

Naiad systems have an unmatched reputation for durability in the tough marine environment, providing long product life with very low maintenance and total costs of ownership.

The systems’ well-proven heavy-duty tapered roller bearing assemblies are greased for life and sealed at the factory for easy installation, low maintenance and trouble-free operation.

A key safety feature of Naiad’s electric fin stabiliAer design is the ability to centre the fins manually and lock in place when the stabiliser is not being operated.

Other key features include Naiad’s exclusive DATUM™ closed loop digital control system with adaptive self-tuning capability operating on a CANbus distributed network.