EXPAL Spanish army

The demonstration took place last Tuesday, 16 November, in the Spanish Army firing and training range ‘Álvarez de Sotomayor’, located in Almeria, Spain. During the different exercises performed on the field, EXPAL showed all the products and systems involved in this proposal.

The company offers a unique and complementary range of products to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry operations. Its ‘One-Stop Shop’ includes mortar systems, fire control systems, ammunition, mini UAVs – for aerial reconnaissance – and tactical training simulators. All of them coordinated and serving the same mission.

During the demonstration EXPAL’s technicians gave a technical explanation on the effectiveness of EIMOS (EXPAL Integrated Mortar System), TECHFIRE (EXPAL’s fire control system), SHEPERD-MIL (EXPAL’s mini UAV as Unmanned Forward Observer) systems and SIMOX, the training tactical simulator for mortar units, before coordinating the execution of the different exercises.

Mortar fire support implies: observing, aiming, deciding and acting. These requirements are covered by the industry, but not always as a complete solution, being the customer the one integrating all the different elements and creating a complete system. Something similar happens if we focus on the logistic needs. With this complete vision of all the needs that are demanded, EXPAL has been working on giving global solutions not only to the operational needs, but also to logistic needs integrating all of them into the ʻOne-Stop Shopʼ concept for mortar systems.

EXPAL ʻOne-Stop Shopʼ for mortar systems is a new and unique solution able to provide armies with a complete offer giving answer to all operational and logistical needs demanded by a mortar unit. This encompasses weapons, ammunition and associated systems (operational needs), as well as, training, maintenance and phase-out at the end of its live cycle (logistics needs).

EXPAL improves observation with a mini-UAV called SHEPHERD-MIL, increasing aiming and decision making with EXPAL’s fire control system, TECHFIRE, both individually operational and, as well, being able to integrate them in in-service upper level battle management systems. EXPAL improves the acting phase with its light mortars and its EIMOS, EXPAL’s mortar system integrated on a 4×4 lightweight vehicle. The company also provides one of the widest ranges of ammunition in the market. All of these products and systems are integrated and can work together.

Furthermore, EXPAL improves training, not only with various types of long and short range practice ammunition, and 3D electronic training-aids for in-room training called e-TRAIDS, but with a new generation of mortar simulators called SIMOX. These improve the maintenance of the mortar system, not only with electronic manuals, but with a complete maintenance App. Moreover, SIMOX, as a tactical simulator, is able to train an entire mortar crew, both individually and as a team.

Finally, the company has the capability to perform the phase out of products and systems, being able to determine and extend the due date of old stocks of ammo being the world leader on green demilitarization and the only company able to recycle the energetic materials in civil explosives.

During the presentation in the international demonstration, EXPAL explained why it is able to provide this complete solution. EXPAL’s vertical integration of its capabilities, which covers from the identification of army’s requirements, the design ofown technologies, applied manufacturing, integration, training and ILS, until the phase-out at the end of the system’s life cycle, allow EXPAL to be in position to offer the armed forces this global solution.

EXPAL ‘One-Stop Shop’ offers a single point of contact for its customers, a single contractor, a single technical authority for the design, a single producer and a single point of contact for quality assurance, logistics support and support services.

EXPAL’s One-Stop Shop for Mortar Systems:

Mortars and Ammo

EXPAL is a worldwide leader in mortar systems and ammunition, becoming an excellent fire support in current conflicts.
These systems, range 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm, offer an excellent balance between weight and manageability of the platform. Fast positioning time, high operability and ease of operation and maintenance are others of their features.


EXPAL has developed the integrated mortar system EIMOS aimed to provide indirect fire solutions to face the new operational requirements in asymmetric conflicts, as well as, providing the latest technological developments for defence and protection. The combination of a 81mm long-range mortar and a 4×4 high-mobility lightweight vehicle results in a weapon system with the firepower and mobility suited to support units in current missions, in which responsiveness and mobility are crucial.


This Fire Control System for mortars and artillery integrates a broad range of weapons and sensors in the execution of complex ballistics calculations. It allows automating and accelerating all the tasks related to direct or indirect fire, as well as, increasing precision and control.


This mini UAV is an autonomous aerial, silent, prey bird-shaped reconnaissance device. It incorporates Day/Night cameras and allows automatic take-off and landing, as well as, ‘waypoints’ guided navigation.

SHEPERD-MIL is integrated into the fire support information system TECHFIRE by EXPAL, as a complement of the Forward Observer (FO).


It is EXPAL’s current answer to the increasing requirements of defence technical documentation involving logistic systems and training. eTRAIDS is based on a set of three apps for electronic training aids, which integrates EXPAL know-how on ammunition, explosives and defence system with 3D modelling technologies.


SIMOX is a high-fidelity indirect fire simulator that accurately replicates all aspects of real life operations of the mortar unit. The objective is to increase and maintain the skills and tactics of the mortar forces and get them trained for the complex engagements they will be facing.