Brüel and Kjær is pleased to announce the launch of Construction Sentinel, a unique subscription based service designed to take away the headache of managing noise and vibration at construction sites.

Building on its success in noise management, Construction Sentinel combines noise with simultaneous ground vibration monitoring making compliance monitoring easier and more effective.

"Both noise and vibration has the potential to cause nuisance in the community, triggering complaints and excessive vibration can also lead to structural damage," said Phil Stollery, head of product marketing for Brüel & Kjær environment management solutions. "If not managed properly then both can lead to costly delays in construction – and limits to operations."

He continued: "Construction Sentinel not only simplifies the contractors work by allowing both noise and vibration to be managed from the same platform, it also enables users to identify the cause of vibration events by remotely listening to the noise on site, helping them to identify the cause and to establish if it was their responsibility."

Construction Sentinel is the latest in the Noise Sentinel family of environmental compliance management services, which Brüel & Kjaer is rolling out across the globe in applications such as mining, ports, oil and gas drilling, wind farms and entertainment venues.

Noise Sentinel alerts users in real time so they can take immediate action to reduce impact, as well as automatically compiling and distributing reports that show their compliance with legislation.

Brüel & Kjær takes care of technology provision and operation, delivering the information customers need in real time over the internet using a standard web browser. Customers can access the service from anywhere to remotely manage noise and vibration at their construction site.