LINKSrechts is proud to announce it has successfully commissioned, after HAT and SAT trials performed by the French Navy, a vision goggle (NVG) compatible flight deck lighting systems for the Hermes Class OPV, L’Adroit, built by DCNS in Lorient, France.

The system includes deck lighting, which is fitted to be easily upgraded with the newest generation glide path indicator and horizon reference system. Its modular design allows DCNS to customise the Hermes OPV for different costumer requirements, upgrading the system by adding the high technology GPI and horizon bar, without any redesign needed.This potential upgradability allows also the costumer to upgrade in later stages, depending on their changing operational needs, to the HVLAS with the GPI and the horizon bar.

The advantage for this selected configuration, besides the flexible upgradability, is its capability to be operated with or without NVGs meeting operational needs and aviation safety requirements. The complete system uses LEDs and meets the operational requirement of illumination without infrared radiation, as well as international military requirements for NVG compatible flight operations from ships.

The system is equipped with unique features like the integrated NVG mode. This mode allows selecting between normal operation mode and NVG operation mode, when the goggle is being used by the pilot. This great feature has been developed with our worldwide customers, meeting current requirements for naval aviation.

Furthermore, LINKSrechts has recently closed a supply contract with Imtech Netherlands for the supply of a complete HVLA system for the new Dutch Navy Joint Support Ship (JSS). This system has been customised to meet the requirements of the Dutch Navy and the Ship design, with two landing spots, deck lighting, glide path indicator and dynamic horizon bar.

Live demonstrations performed with the Dutch Navy together with Damen Schelde and Imtech convinced all key deciders of the outstanding performances of the NVG compatible equipment with the result of this contract award.

This system will be commissioned before its handover to the costumer in 2014.