The MOD has awarded a contract worth more than £1.5m to iOra for the supply licences for fixed and deployed nodes of the iOra Geo-replicator replication and compression solution.

Geo-replicator provides British troops in remote or mobile locations around the world with mission critical data regardless of slow or intermittent network access.

This new contract follows on from a previous successfully-delivered contract to the UK MOD.

The MOD will utilise iOra’s SharePoint replication technology for UK global deployments across a multitude of different defence projects.

iOra Geo-replicator is used on many and varying collaboration and communication requirements from ensuring deployed troops have the latest critical information on hand through shared online portals, to sharing information in a selective way between, and with, suppliers.

iOra Geo-replicator provides a major benefit within the defence industry, where MOD consortia need to work closely by allowing the sharing of only required information using a web portal.

The product’s customers are global operator s that need to share information in disconnected environments where there are few or no high-speed networks.

At these locations, connectivity is delivered by wireless, either over satellite or land-based radio.

iOra software significantly reduces the impact of bandwidth usage and the cost of delivery through its patented compression engine that compresses information in a vastly different way to other compression solutions currently on the market, using delta differencing to send only changes to the documents.

Using iOra, the level of file transmission reduction can go from 10’s of megabits to 10’s of kilobits. The solution is proven to send files across networks as low as 2kbps.

iOra’s CEO Philip Wye said: "iOra continues to be delighted to support the MOD to ensure mission critical information is sent across unreliable networks in many different projects throughout the MOD.

"We work closely with our contacts in the MOD to ensure the most efficient usage of our patented technology to ensure communication and collaboration; not only saving money and time but also allowing peace of mind by ensuring essential information is in the right place and the right time and with the right people.

iOra’s director of sales, Kevin Stilwell, added: "iOra solutions are at the heart of the MOD communications across numerous different projects for the best use of the existing technology for communications.

"Consortia members and suppliers are also able to share important data and information in a secure environment."

MOD software asset manager Adele Keeble said: "iOra continues to be an integral part of the Ministry of Defence, delivering essential software across the organisation.

"The working relationship between the MOD and iOra means that we have been able to centralise the procurement route, taking in any future requirement; be it new licences or ongoing support and maintenance for iOra software delivering a one stop strategy, saving time, money, and resources