Expal chosen to join Shepherd-MIL UAV Rapaz project

EXPAL was chosen to become part of the SHEPHERD-MIL UAV RAPAZ project.

The project launched last June by the Directorate General of Armament and Material (DGAM), is aimed at evaluating the varying RPAS systems that exist on the national market, which are considered of interest to the Spanish Ministry of Defence.

The SHEPHERD-MIL is the only platform on the market shaped like a bird, silent and blends into the surroundings, providing differential camouflage and masking capabilities, which are key to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.

Among the characteristics of the SHEPHERD-MIL, it is worth noting its ease of use, reduced deployment and stowage time, as well as its integration into the ministry of defence’s command and control systems for advanced observer functions in the indirect fire support area.

An already-developed and mature system, designed and manufactured with 100% national technology, and which currently makes up part of an international supply contract for EXPAL’s integrated mortar systems (EIMOS).

As part of its scheduled agenda, on 10 November the DGAM Evaluation Committee carried out operational trials for a range of missions, in which the SHEPHERD-MIL successfully demonstrated its capabilities and functionality.