EID was recently awarded multiple contracts to supply tactical communications products such as TWH-100 series personal radios to Armed Forces within Europe and Asia.

Under the confidentiality terms of the contracts, the company cannot disclose the final customers.

Following international competitive tenders and field trials, EID will provide end users with its tactical communications range of products, comprising but not limited to TWH-100 series personal radios, vehicular and portable gateways, as well as core network equipment to support the deployment of IP-based tactical networks.

As well as the successful technological and business standpoints, these contracts are also the result of EID’s strong commitment to provide full customer satisfaction during all stages of the projects.

Our teams are very much used and enjoy being side by side with the end users in the tactical scenarios for as long as necessary, to ensure the final communications solutions supplied by EID match their real needs.

In addition, we thoroughly support the delivered products and solutions during their expected life cycles.

"It is a pleasure to receive these new end users of EID communications solutions" said Nuno Cordeiro, EID sales engineer.

He also stressed that he ‘is expecting to establish long-term and successful relationships with these new customers, as we have been doing with other partners and customers for more than 30 years’.