OSI Geospatial, a world leader in naval navigation and tactical solutions, has announced the release of ECPINS 6.0 for Warships (ECPINS-W) and Submarines (ECPINS-W Sub), and the fleet-wide deployment by the Royal Navy.

ECPINS 6.0 delivers the most advanced navigation and tactical capabilities for surface and subsurface naval operations. As the company’s latest and most advanced product, it offers significant enhanced capabilities including leading-edge 3D imagery, networking capabilities, and upgraded dived navigation.

ECPINS 6.0 has achieved international maritime organisation (IMO) ECDIS certification, and it is the only product formally tested by a recognised certification body that is fully compliant to the Nato STANAG 4564 Edition 2 WECDIS standard.

The UK Royal Navy will be the company’s first customer to upgrade to ECPINS 6.0. The software upgrade will be implemented across systems currently operating on approximately 75 warships and submarines.