Eastern Shipbuilding Group, (Eastern) has entered into an agreement with the Spanish company SENER for the license to use the FORAN CAD / CAM System, developed by SENER, in their shipbuilding activities. With this, Eastern has taken the steps to enlarge a ship design office at its shipyards in Panama City, Florida, US.

The agreement includes the implementation of the complete FORAN System comprising of form generation, general arrangement and naval architecture, hull structure, machinery and outfitting, electrical design and advanced design and drafting.

Engineers and designers from Eastern have received on-site training in all the disciplines of the FORAN system over the last few months. Eastern has now started a new project in FORAN, a multipurpose supply vessel of 340ft, being the first of two units, with the first objective of improving the quality of the design and to avoid very costly errors during production.

Eastern is a company devoted to the shipbuilding activity since 1976. Starting with the construction of fishing vessels and now more focused in offshore supply vessels, the company offers a great expertise and capability of complying with the most exigent customer demands. FORAN will be a strategic business application for support and further improvement of the ship design, construction and integration activities at their two shipbuilding sites, both in Florida.

SENER is very pleased to see the expansion of FORAN in the US as it aligns with SENER’s strategic plans.