DSIT Solutions, a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, announced today that it has received an order for its underwater security system to protect a european nuclear power facility. The system is expected to be installed on site before the end the last quarter of 2014.

DSIT vice-president for sales and marketing Dan Ben-Dov said, "After establishing itself as the world’s leading provider of underwater security systems for the oil and gas industry, DSIT is extending its product offering to the nuclear power sector. We won this competitive bid because of our significant investment in R&D in the field. As of today there are more than 400 nuclear power plant units worldwide and we see high potential for growth in this segment of our business."

Nuclear power facilities are especially vulnerable to underwater intrusion and sabotage since most of them have water intakes as part of the nuclear reactor cooling systems. Using such a water-based cooling system, illicit infiltrators may try to swim concealed underwater into the very heart of the protected nuclear power site.

DSIT CEO Benny Sela said: "DSIT’s nuclear power underwater security system will be using the company’s PointShield diver detection sonar sensor to automatically detect, track and classify underwater threats such as divers, swimmer delivery vehicles (SDV) and underwater unmanned vehicles (UUV). Our intake underwater security system is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of nuclear power plants operators; providing an impenetrable shield against all types of underwater intruders."