OceanServer Technology has unveiled a new ‘Base 42’ vehicle equipped with the L-3 Klein UUV-3500 high resolution side scan sonar. This new Iver2 AUV model incorporates increased battery capacity for extended mission time, a higher capacity 120GB Solid State drive for logging days of imagery, an external USB port for rapid data access, and OceanServer’s SonarMosaic software used for on-scene viewing and post-mission analysis.

The UUV-3500 Sonar, introduced by L-3 Klein Associates earlier this year, provides both exceptional range and resolution, and operates as a true dual frequency simultaneously recording sonar. This sonar is available in a size-weight-power package that surpasses existing single-beam systems employed on legacy shallow water AUVs. The system’s 455kHz and 900kHz operating frequencies provide extended swath capabilities at higher resolution to dramatically increase coverage rates.

This ‘game changing’ capability is ideally suited for shallow waters and resolution-intensive applications such as mine countermeasures (MCMs), debris mapping, and general imaging of the seabed. AUVs with modern sonars like the UUV-3500 can accurately and completely cover large areas of the seabed with minimum on-site support, and create geo-registered records for post-processing in any preferred analysis software.

Director of sales and marketing at L-3 Klein Associates Dr Timothy J Alavosus, said: "The UUV-3500 system is consistently achieving very high-resolution imagery out to 75m – 80m per side using 900kHz. That’s about a 50% improvement over anything available in the marketplace today. We are very pleased to offer such a robust capability on a cost effective platform like the Iver2 AUV."

L-3 Klein Associates, located in Salem, N.H. is a leading sensor technology provider that manufactures and designs high-resolution sonar systems, marine navigation systems, and radar-based security and surveillance systems. With over 40 years of experience, L-3 Klein’s customers include commercial, government and military organisations, shipping and offshore oil companies and related support contractors, maritime facilities, academic institutions, and underwater vehicle manufacturers.