This month Buffers Marine delivered a boarding RIB boat to the Swedish Armed Forces. The boat will be used for pirate hunting in Somalia. Swedish Armed Forces will take part in Operation Atalanta and act as Force Head Quarters (FHQ). The Boarding RIB will be located on the HSM Carlskrona Ship.

Boomeranger C-3500

The RIB is a boomeranger C-3500 which has been specially built and designed to fit in to the davit on HMS Carlskrona.
The order from the defense material administration, FMV, came late 2009 so the project has been forced to get the boat ready in time. In this project Buffers Marine have worked close with the end user. The standard C-3500 is 10.5m long, this boat is 9.2m and the weight limitation for the davit lift has also special designs solutions.

The boat is equipped with 2 Yanmar diesel engines (2 x 440hp) and Konrad stern drew. Speed over 45 knots. The RIB has also been equipped with weapon mounts.