Sarzana – A temporary group of enterprises, including Intermarine (mandatory and holding company), Effebi naval construction of Viareggio, and Rodriquez Cantieri Navali of Messina, have been awarded a tender called by the General HQ of the Italian Custom Police for the supply of 20m patrol boats for the Italian coast guard.

The contract, worth €139 million, concerns the building of 22 ‘coastguard vessels’ in three years, equipped with updated technologies both for the hulls construction, and board equipment, as well as an innovative approach similar to the one used in the aero spatial sector, the supply of entertainment services and integrated logistic support. The delivery of the first unit is expected to be in January 2008.

Intermarine, an expert in the building of high technology military vessels, is currently constructing:

  • Three high-speed 27m long patrollers for the Bigliani Class VI Series, one of which is ending the testing phases, while the other units are under preparation
  • Two operating patrollers, 36m long, for the Bigliani Class VII Series
  • Five high-speed patrollers, 28m long, for the Bigliani Class VIII Series
  • 56 V2000 Class high-speed launches, 13.2m long, built by Intermarine together with the enterprises included in the temporary group, and Baglietto Naval Constructions