SkyDec is proud to announce to have started a co-operation with Consilium, one of the world’s leading suppliers of navigation, fire and gas detection and emission monitoring systems for ships, property, transportation and the oil and gas industry. With various local Consilium offices worldwide, we will not only be operating from our headquarters in the Netherlands but also from Consilium’s regional offices.

Customers will be supported by highly qualified local salesmen, knowing the ins and outs of that particular region. Consilium has a worldwide network of subsidiaries and agents in order to provide the best support. As marine safety is their key business, we trust that Consilium will work in close co-operation with our customers and users in order to know their needs and requirements.

As SkyDec, we are used to bringing our customers more than just a physical GPS device. We consider the intensive exploration of the specific demands and possibilities, the thorough development of every single unit and the renowned after sales involvement as much our product as well. And with this new co-operation we can expand our product activities even more.