At stand 127 at the DSEi show, electronics packaging specialist Schroff will be exhibiting a complete family of ruggedised enclosure solutions designed to protect sensitive electronic systems in the most demanding of environments.

From 19in cabinets and subracks to retainers for printed circuit boards (PCBs), Schroff’s comprehensive range of products for military applications provide high levels of resistance to shock and vibration, suppression of electromagnetic interference, sealing against dust and moisture and efficient thermal management.

One of the highlights of the company’s stand will be the Varistar 19in cabinet, which has been thoroughly tested by an independent test house in accordance with IEC 61587-1 DL6 and MIL-STD-901D standards to verify its durability and stability under conditions of extreme shock and vibration. In addition, Varistar is sealed to IP55 standard and offers exceptional shielding performance of 60dB at 1GHz and 40dB at 3GHz.

Another key product of interest to the defence community will be Schroff’s MicroTCA.1 rugged subrack. Originally aimed at applications in the telecoms industry, the MicroTCA open computing specification is now being rapidly developed by the PICMG consortium to provide sub-specifications addressing the need for high resistance to shock and vibration.

Also featured on the Schroff stand will be the ranges of ruggedised PCB retainers, Wedge-Loks and associated products manufactured by Birtcher and Calmark, which are Schroff’s sister companies within the Pentair Electronic Packaging Group. These products are widely used for securing PCBs and dissipating heat in demanding military environments.