General Digital is pleased to announce the introduction of its latest sunlight-readable monitor to adopt LED backlight technology, the Saber Standalone Solar/LS19. The LED backlight is our own design and generates over 1,000cd/m² (nits) of luminance. Intended for use in industrial and military applications, this rugged, high-performance monitor features the following benefits over cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs):

  • Brighter, more efficient backlight
  • Reduced power consumption and heat generation
  • Simplified cooling solutions
  • Extended operating temperature, especially on the low end
  • Minimal warm-up time
  • Truer white reproduction and optimized color gamut
  • No mercury content (flicker-free operation)
  • Reduced EMI
  • Low-voltage level requirements permit high-altitude operation
  • Serial-parallel LED design provides ‘soft-failure’ redundancy
  • Solid-state design tolerates shock and vibration better

The Saber Standalone Solar/LS19 is a highly versatile and configurable product that allows customers to select from a variety of video controllers, display overlays (touch screens, vandal shields, contrast filters, EMI filters, heaters, etc.) and power supplies to personalize their monitor configuration to meet their price and performance objectives. Numerous options and accessories are available to tailor this new monitor.

Contact a sales engineer for more information or download the data sheet from our website.