To complement its extensive family of standard tracker products, Electro-Optical Imaging is proud to announce three new product offerings, representing the latest in the series 7000 family of video tracker products.

The model 7100M Automatic Video Tracker (AVT) is a miniaturised (3.5in x 5in nominal) version of the 7000 series of VME and PCI products and is intended for airborne and limited space availability applications.

The design provides the full range of operational performance found in all the 7000 series tracker products. The 7100M tracker has the additional advantage of supporting full customisation to the user’s signal and mechanical interfaces. This product expands the utility of the E-O Imaging Series 7000 tracker technology to systems and applications where reduced size, power and weight are key.

The model 7007 PCI AVT provides the same degree of performance and equivalent features of the model 7005/7006 camera link and HD-SDI trackers but in a PCI configuration. The system has four analogue video inputs (standard) and either dual high-definition video inputs (720p, 1080i and 1080p) or a single camera link (base, medium or full) input.

The camera link interface handles 640 x 512 sensors at 250Hz and 1K x 1K sensors at 120Hz. In addition to the standard PCI and serial interfaces, the system has an embedded gigabit Ethernet port for increased interface versatility. A wide selection of options is available to enhance the adaptability of the tracker, including a dual target version the model 7008 product.

The model 7010 PCI-Express AVT provides the same degree of performance and equivalent features of the model 7007/7008 PCI trackers but with a PCI express interface. A dual target version of this tracker with the same superior performance and features is available in the model 7011 product.