ABG Shipyard has entered into an agreement with the Spanish company Sener Ingeniería y Sistemas for a permanent license to use the FORAN CAD / CAM system.

During the early part of 2006 ABG personnel received on-site training in the hull and piping disciplines of the FORAN system. This knowledge was then immediately put to use in a prestigious project, an 18,800DWT bulk carrier for ESL Shipping of Finland. Structural and piping drawings have been successfully produced for this vessel as well as piping drawings for many other projects. In April of this year ABG will complete the FORAN training with instruction in the electrical subsystem. This will enable ABG to cover the total design process for ships.

The acceptance of FORAN at ABG is demonstrated in the following statement from ABG’s management:

"During this past year we have been able to demonstrate the suitability of the system and we expect to make FORAN a fundamental tool for the reduction of costs and the improvement of productivity throughout our group of shipyards. We are proud to form part of the SENER family by using FORAN."

With this new license agreement SENER continues in its line of making FORAN a major player in the field of ship design and production software, in both Asia in general and India in particular.