OSI Geospatial Inc. (TSX: OSI) (“OSI”) announced today that its International Systems Operations has signed a contract to provide a new naval customer with its ECPINS-W Sub® WECDIS technology for trials and evaluation. The contract also includes training.

Ken Kirkpatrick, president and CEO said: “ECPINS–W Sub continues to be the WECDIS software of choice for a growing number of naval customers. This new customer will represent our 11th naval customer and our sixth submarine user. ECPINS-W Sub is the most advanced submarine navigation software available and operational across more than just domestic markets. Proven operationally, including very high latitude exercises, the advanced features enable the submariner to fully exploit their tactical advantage in all environments and not simply in the open ocean and in deep water but in the much more challenging inshore, littoral battle space.”

About our technology

With ECPINS®, OSI provides the most advanced surface and subsurface navigation functionality in the world. We have the largest customer base and greatest number of ships using our ECPINS® technology. In addition to ECPINS, OSI has fielded the advanced Warship-AIS (W-AIS) product. W-AIS provides intelligence and analysis as well as situational awareness and is a fleet-wide installation in the UK Royal Navy. OSI has further provided its asset control and tracking (ACT) technology to the Canadian Navy for port security during the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. ACT allows a mother-ship or shore-based command and control centre to securely communicate and positively control small fast patrol boats and Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) for interception and boarding operations. With OSI’s ACT technology, these complex and dangerous operations can be carried out with utmost confidence and security.

In addition to these technologies, OSI has developed an innovative small boat integrated navigation and tactical system (INTS) that provides all the traditional functions of an integrated bridge system (IBS) in addition to providing the essential tactical functions of a combat management system (CMS). The INTS is aimed at fast attack craft and patrol vessels for littoral warfare and homeland defence. With one of the largest and most experienced software engineering teams in the industry and over 25 years of experience, we continue to build on our capabilities and maintain our leadership advantage.