SENER is developing an engineering project for the contract awarded by Union Naval Valencia (UNV) for a new series of tugs for the Antwerp Port, after the contract was put out to tender. Union Naval Valencia is a member or Boluda Shipyards, from Boluda Corporacion Maritima. SENER took an active part in the preparation of the necessary technical information for the initial design for the public tender of the tugs, that was open in 2008 with participants from amongst the best tug designers and shipyards over the world. Finally, UNV awarded SENER the contract for the design, engineering and production of the four tugs.

The scope of the project developed by SENER includes naval architecture calculations, initial and basic design of structure and outfitting and security and fire-fighting, and finally the detail engineering of structure and outfitting using the CAD/CAM system FORAN, developed by SENER.

The main particulars of the four tugs, which will be built in the UNV shipyard, are a total length of 29.50m, a beam of 12.50m, a depth of 4.50m, and draught of 3,00m. The displacement will be 709t, and it is classified by Bureau Veritas.

The estimated time to deliver the first of the tugs to the owner will be 14 months. The engineering project will be managed from the SENER office in Valencia , which develop the basic design and detail design of outfitting, while the SENER office in Madrid will handle the more detailed engineering of the structure.

The close collaboration between UNV and SENER began twenty years ago, and has allowed SENER to design and develop a wide variety of tugs and also other types of ship. With more than 1,200 ships built to SENER design in 20 countries, the company provides integrated and flexible solutions, with the highest level of rigour and commitment demanded by our clients, to a wide range of shipbuilders, owners and operators all over the world. SENER performs different levels of engineering with total flexibility to adapt the information to the shipbuilder practice and production facilities.

For this project, SENER has used FORAN, its own integrated CAD/CAM system, developed over a period of more than 45 years, for the design, engineering and production of ships.