A typical application for the use of such rotary joints is in ground based satellite communication systems. These systems are used to build up a communication link for example in remote areas where no fixed line or WIFI or even mobile communication is available. That happens with the help of a mobile platform that tracks geostationary satellites.

The system itself is installed on a vehicle or trailer and can only be operated when the vehicle or trailer is parked. The azimuth axis of the antenna system allows 360 degrees of rotation due to the use of our rotary joints. The 3-channel rotary joint assembly is used to avoid cable entanglement. Two channels are used as Rx and Tx ports whereas the third channel is kept as spare Rx port. The spare channel is mainly for security reasons to increase the availability of the overall system.

At a time two or more systems are deployed at geographically remote locations, for example in India, to communicate with each other over the satellite link to collect and transmit the locally gathered data at real time using data transfer or video conferencing techniques. The rotary joint is available with TNC connectors and SMA type connectors.

These rotary joints show very good VSWR values over the whole frequency range. Therefore they ensure reliable performance with a minimum loss in signal transmission.