SENER, following a strategy of technological innovation and with the desire to strengthen the communication with its clients, announces that the next FORAN users meeting will take place in May 2010, from the 12th to the 14th. The VI FORUM (“FORAN Users Meeting”) will be held at Hotel “Hacienda La Boticaria” located in the surroundings of the unforgettable city of Seville, Spain.

As on previous occasions, the aim of the SIXTH FORUM is to encourage the exchange of impressions among users, to present the latest technological improvements of FORAN and to discuss future developments.

During the technical sessions, FORAN users will carry out presentations, and the new features of the System will be presented by SENER.

The event has the double objective of presenting SENER viewpoint and more importantly to share the opinion of FORAN users among the participants.

The success of the event is guaranteed, as SENER’s FORAN clients all over the world are expected to attend the event, and this can only be to everyone’s benefit, current and future FORAN users alike.