At the beginning of January, Sener signed a contract to develop the detail engineering for outfitting of the first large aluminium yacht built in the new Vulkan Shipyard, which is focused on large aluminium or steel luxury yachts. The scope of the project includes the development of the detail engineering of the machinery and outfitting, using its own FORAN CAD/CAM System.

VK-1 is the name of the first new aluminium yacht in the shipyard, the ultimate in large aluminium luxury yachts with a total length of 42m, with an 8.67m beam and propelled by two MTU 16V2000 engines, each with 2400HP. The yacht, designed to perform transoceanic navigation, is certified by Germanisched Lloyds (+100A5 +MC) and complies with MCA requirements and all other demanding requirements for this kind of yacht. Some other important characteristics of the yacht are: three decks, 10 luxury cabins and a series of other exclusive qualities including a jacuzzi and a jet ski dock.

Before VK-1, Sener took part in the conversion of the aluminium yacht Pemidajo III, which had a final length of 23.92m, also built in the Vulkan Shipyard. In this project, SENER performed all the naval architecture calculations, basic design and all the studies necessary for the Classification Society approval in accordance with the 94/25/CE-Module G. The detail engineering for the new block added to the yacht was also developed by Sener.

With more than 1,200 ships built to Sener design, the company provides professional services to a wide range of shipbuilders, designers, owners and operators all over the world, using the most advanced technologies. Sener performs different levels of engineering, including: Ship design, consultancy, technical assistance, special studies, contract engineering, classification, detail and production phases as well as some studies for ships in operation. Sener offers total flexibility to adapt the information to the shipyard practices and production facilities.

For this project, Sener has used FORAN, its own integrated CAD/CAM System for the design, production and engineering of ships, which has been licensed to more than 150 shipyards and ship design offices in 30 countries. The System has the backing of Sener’s in-house ship design capabilities, with the resultant quality of the personnel associated with the System, of a very high standard, very responsive in all disciplines and a complete integration of the entire range of ship design disciplines: Forms, Naval Architecture and General Arrangement, Hull Structure, Outfitting, Electrical, Build Strategy, Drafting, Virtual Reality and Design Review, Design Change and Access Control, PLM.