From 10-12 May, SENER participated in the eighth edition of the international conference on computer applications and information technology in the maritime industries (COMPIT), one of the main annual international events for the shipbuilding industry. Budapest was the venue for the 2009 edition.

SENER, apart from chairing one of the conference sessions, has presented a paper titled: “A comprehensive environment for efficient HVAC design. The FORAN solution,” which was given by Rafael de Góngora.

The paper shows that HVAC is one the most difficult aspects of outfitting design in shipbuilding. The design of HVAC systems is very sensitive, not only to modifications in air needs, but also to actual duct arrangement. Due to this, it is a big advantage for the designer to have a close interconnection between calculation tools and duct routing tools.

With this situation in mind, SENER has embedded into the HVAC ducts routing tool of FORAN, the possibility to define HVAC diagrams, to calculate pressure drops, to balance systems and to automatically dimension ducts.

The present paper describes this innovative solution, the basis on which it is conceived and highlights the advantages of its use.