Scandinavian Micro Systems (SMS) has announced the launch of their outsourcing services division, which will specialise in the development of software business solutions, especially for the maritime industry. SMS has highly-experienced personnel in offices located in the USA, Norway, Germany and the United Kingdom, and an extensive development centre located in Hyderabad, India.

The company, which is more than 30 years old, has been developing its own software for the past ten years, and in India for the past five. "We saw the opportunity and the value in setting up a production facility in India. We knew how much money this would save us and our clients and still retain the highest quality standards," stated Oddbjorn Steinsland, president and CEO of SMS.

"Branching out into other industries came naturally because we observed our clients were beginning to diversify and we had to prepare for this," continued Steinsland, speaking from his Norwegian headquarters. "Some of our contacts were moving on to non-related maritime divisions of their respective companies. To keep our competitive edge, we expanded, allowing us the ability to keep and build these relationships."

Some of the services provided by SMS outsourcing services include custom software development, custom application integration and software maintenance. The firm specialises in VC++, COM / DCOM, .NET, Java, web services, video streaming, image processing and 3D animation.

For the maritime industry SMS has developed customised software and portal solutions to track and maintain shipping operations for either one ship, an entire fleet or for a whole company. Maritime companies can select from a host of software products that include FleetOperation®, FleetMonitor®, FleetPlanner® and FleetPortal®. SMS outsourcing experts can customise these software products to meet the needs of clients who have fleets of ships, ferries, yachts, trucks and airplanes.