Tampa Yacht Manufacturing is pleased to announce a contract award with an international customer for 17 Tempest 35-SPC SWAT patrol craft, a state-of-the-art, high-speed patrol interceptor craft. The 35-SPC is a 35ft (10.6m) patrol-class vessel with a proven design heritage that has seen historic action with US customs and the US Coast Guard.

A totally redesigned, world-class commercial naval vessel, the 35-SPC is fully customizable with featured enhancements and modifications for enhanced domain awareness that include, state-of-the-art navigation equipment consisting of GPS, sonar, echo sounder and compass, 360° pan and tilt infra-red night vision camera, gun mounts for 50cal and 7.62mm crew-served weapons, and threat level NIJ level III and level IIIA ballistic protection.

Designed for littoral operations in varying sea and weather conditions, the 35-SPC, with its 29° mid-ship deadrise, represents a high point in the evolution of the conventional high speed deep-vee planning hull. The craft is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 40kt (WOT) with a minimum sustained cruising speed of 35kt. With a minimum range of 200nmi at wide open throttle and a cruising range of 250nmi, the fully-outfitted 35-SPC is a very capable, and effective purpose-built craft for special weapons and tactics (SWAT) teams of unmatched performance in its class.

The 35-SPC is tailor-made for multi-mission operations, including identification, interception and interdiction of suspicious vessels entering a nation’s territorial waters. The 35-SPC is also ideal for search and rescue, port security, police action and the pursuit of suspect vessels for boarding and for arresting violators and seizing criminal vessels and contraband. Interception and identification can be accomplished without question or compromise.

The main deck is watertight and is self-bailing. The wheelhouse cabin features a large sliding companion way door and an overhead escape hatch. There is approximately 75in of standing headroom in the cabin, along with ammunition and weapons storage lockers. The custom built aluminium swim platform with open grate non-skid surface protects water-jets from damage.

The QRT35 cockpit includes a helmsman and engineer helm stations with shock mitigating seats, and side seating for ten squad members, 12 total seats. The cockpit is self-bailing and is equipped with a heat exchange type cabin heater. Watertight doors lead from the aft cockpit to the cabin and from the forward end of the cabin to the foredeck. The craft features an articulated bow ramp for operational egress and ingress.

In the cockpit, the portside console features optional redundant engine instrumentation and the starboard helm station includes shift / throttle controls, hydraulic steering, full navionics, GPS, chart plotter, depth sounder, autopilot, and user specified radio systems. In position, behind the forward control stations, the helmsman and engineer are ballistically protected by 2.16in thick laminated glass.

The 35-SPC is powered by a pair of inboard YANMAR 6LPTA-STP2, 315 HP diesel engines mounted directly to twin UltraJet UJ305 waterjets. Other propulsion options are available from Cummins, Volvo, and Yanmar.


  • Length: 37ft 0in / 10.6m
  • Beam O/A: 8ft 6in / 2.6m
  • Draft (full load – operational condition): 26in / 0.66m
  • Range: 200nmi – 250nmi / 370km – 463km
  • Shock-mitigated seating: 4-6
  • Fuel capacity: 400gal / 946l
  • Water (potable): 30gal / 113l
  • Waste: 13gal / 50l
  • Weight (dry): 16,800lbs / 7.6mt