Aberdeen remotely operated vehicle (ROV) manufacturer Sub-Atlantic, part of the Forum Energy Technology group of companies, is pleased to announce the delivery of two Mojave Inspection class vehicles to a major client in The Peoples Republic of China.

The vehicles are fitted with a number of sensors including state of the art Tritech Gemini 720 multibeam sonar system for operations in fast moving turbid waters.

The vehicles are to be used for a variety of tasks including survey, specialist underwater construction monitoring, emergency rescue standby and a variety of high profile security tasks. The client is one of the largest hydraulic engineering organisations in China.

Sub-Atlantic was awarded the contract following trials with several small to medium sized ROVs from a variety of suppliers. The Mojave was chosen for its advanced technology and superior capabilities, its size and power to weight ratio and its excellent performance in extremely low visibility and strong current conditions.

Sub-Atlantic sales and marketing manager, Alasdair Murrie, said: “We are all extremely proud of the Mojave system which has proved to be extremely popular – being low-cost and offering high technical specification including the advanced subCAN control system combined with excellent thrust and manoeuvrability.

“Given that we launched the system in April 2010 and that we had reached unit sales in double figures before Christmas, is testament to the appetite for such a vehicle in the marketplace.

The sale was brokered through Forum Energy Technology offices in Singapore via Sub-Atlantic’s exclusive agent in China – CHORE, located in Qingdao.

Originally established as a subsidiary of the Institute of Oceanology, China academy of science; CHORE specialises in consultancy, technical sales and training support for Offshore oil and gas, underwater engineering, hydrographic survey, oceanography and environmental sectors.