BMAB is now proud to tell that we have delivered a first series of our Northgear Ballistic Floatation Vest to the Norwegian Navy.

This vest model is currently in use by the Swedish Navy and the Swedish Coast Guard as well as the Bulgarian border police.

This vest is developed through the years in cooperation with the users and holds a patent in Europe, USA & Canada and some other countries. The vest is registered and holds a Nato Stock Number today.

We also produce a practice vest with dummy insert plates for all kind of training. The philosophy with the vest is “full protection at all times” with a normal life saving capacity as well. The construction makes it flexible in the sense that when you normally work you use vest without the collar (for better working conditions) and as soon as you know that the weather or other circumstances demands it, you easily zip on the extra floatation collar that will help you turn in an upright position in the water if you fall overboard unconscious or wounded.

Many models today use an inflatable lung of some kind but we feel that it is much more vulnerable than a fixed collar so we do not recommend it. The vest comes in different protection levels and can be equipped with different options such as groin protection, neck protection and rescue lights, all depending on the customer’s specific demands.