General Digital has five trade shows scheduled around the globe for 2010, and one that takes place in a virtual world.

On 10 February 2010, we will be holding our first ever online trade show to promote our LCD monitor products. Hosted by GlobalSpec, it will feature several products: the TwoView™, a dual, flip-up LCD monitor with integral keyboard and trackball; the Barracuda™ series, which is watertight and environmentally sealed to NEMA4X and IP67 standards; the Impact™, an open-frame LCD monitor suitable for ‘drop-in’ integration; and the Saber™ series of rack-mount, panel-mount and mountable high-performance, ruggedized LCD monitors.

We believe virtual trade shows have their place in the business world, though in moderation. We at General Digital still enjoy traveling around the world and meeting directly with our customers and prospects. Nothing beats the human experience. However, with online trade shows, we can reach more people while keeping expenses minimized.

We’re looking forward to meeting visitors at our other trade shows, from Amsterdam to Seattle, Washington. We’ll be happy to demonstrate for you our many unique and innovative mountable and flip-up LCD monitors. For a complete listing of our trade shows, visit our profile and website.