General Digital™, the company that introduced the first flip-up LCD monitor / keyboard device, is now delivering its popular SlimLine 1U™ with a night-vision imaging system (NVIS)-compatible display and keyboard. NVIS components allow personnel with night-vision goggles (NVG) to easily see the device in almost complete darkness.

The SlimLine 1U™ Series is a desktop or rack-mountable, 1U (1.75in) high flip-up LCD monitor with an integral keyboard and trackball. The keyboard is military grade, with backlit keys, and a built-in 1⅜in trackball with three mouse buttons.

With a rugged but lightweight enclosure built to meet many military standards, the SlimLine 1U NVIS features a 15in, XGA (1024px x 768px) display, connected to a high-performance video controller. It is capable of accepting numerous video inputs, including NTSC, SECAM, PAL, S-Video, Sync-on-Green, STANAG 3350, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HDMI, and others.

Options abound for this versatile package, including LED backlights, which offer low power consumption, sunlight readable levels of brightness, no mercury content for flicker-free operation and a host of other benefits.