As with the rise of dependence upon unmanned and autonomous aircraft, vehicles and vessels, so too is there an increasing need for compact, lightweight, configurable and durable display systems. Several of the renowned unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems utilize one or more General Digital display systems for command, control, communications and computing (C4) operations.

The UAV has proven indispensible in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) for tactical and combat missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is also beginning to prove helpful in border patrol and homeland security applications, both in the US and abroad.

General Digital’s Impact™ monitor kits, TwoView™ and other flip-up and stand-alone LCD monitors are used in many current and successful UAV systems. They are also used in other autonomous land, air and sea systems for defense, law enforcement, homeland security, research and fossil-fuel exploration applications.

These display products are necessary to provide high-resolution, high-brightness and highly reliable images for exploitation and tactical decision-making. In addition, their rugged construction permits military, intelligence and law enforcement users to deploy the UAV and ground control system in virtually any environment without much concern for survivability.

General Digital offers the Impact monitor kit as a technology facilitator. The Impact series is comprised of a high-resolution LCD, high-performance video controller, and an aluminum-mounting panel onto which all of the electronics are attached. This display kit is intended to offer OEM customers with a low-cost, turnkey product that can be easily integrated into their existing products, consoles, protective enclosures or kiosks. Display sizes from 6.4in to 24in are available in standard luminance and sunlight-readable models.

The TwoView is a ruggedized, flip-up, dual-display unit with integral keyboard and trackball. Optimized for its low profile (3.5in high), the TwoView is designed to save valuable rack space while increasing video content capacity. Its compact design and durability, combined with General Digital’s legendary configuration control and long product lifecycles, make it the ideal rack mount solution for network administration, telecommunications, mobile (transit case) and in-vehicle applications, and more.

The SlimLine™ and Rack Mount Hinge™ series of flip-up LCD monitors also provide the benefits of low profile and high performance in a ruggedized enclosure. In addition, General Digital’s stand-alone LCD monitors offer similar performance with flexibility for mounting and positioning. The portability and versatility of these products enable rapid deployment of UAVs and other intelligence-gathering equipment or tactical gear.