STIDD Systems, Greenport, NY, has announced the fielding of its all new recon-navigation system (RNAV) with Doppler (DVL) for the DPD.

“With the integration of a Doppler velocity log (DVL), the positional accuracy of the highly capable RNAV platform is further enhanced enabling the DPD to conduct complex mission routes with dependable reliability and submerged
navigational accuracy,” said Richard Perry, BSME, STIDD Systems’ navigational systems project engineer.

In addition to the DVL upgrade, the RNAV can upload mission planning data from a laptop or download completed mission tracks to a laptop via its remote memory card reader. Mission planning data is displayed on the high-visibility moving map display and can be easily modified en route through a gloved-hand push-button interface. The RNAV’s real-time position information, bottom contour tracking, leg and mission timers all assist in ensuring pin-point submerged navigation.

On-board RNAV sensors include a 20-channel GPS receiver, four-beam reverse-Janus DVL, digital three-axis directional gyro with range scaling, high accuracy three-axis digital heading sensor with tilt compensation and 0.5° accuracy, three-axis digital accelerometer (+/-18g range), three-axis magnetic flux sensor, ultrasonic speed sensor, depth to bottom and depth below surface sensors, single
hand deploy and stow low-drag foil shaped carbon fiber mast. The RNAV, using STIDD System’s proprietary Kalman filter programming, utilizes data from these sensors to update position information on the moving map display multiple times per second with unparalleled accuracy and operator convenience.

STIDD diver propulsion device on Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel recently featured the STIDD diver propulsion device (DPD) in its popular series ‘Surviving the Cut: Special Forces Combat Divers.”

“We are proud that the Army SF maritime units are using the DPD with RNAV and have integrated it into their dive school curriculum” said Bill Hellman, CWO3 USN SEAL (Ret.), STIDD’s director of training.

STIDD System awarded $3.5m contract

STIDD Systems, Greenport, NY, received a $3.5m award under GSA contract no: GS-07F-0101K to provide 24 of its diver propulsion devices (DPD) to US Naval Special Warfare Command. In addition to the DPD units, the contract included complete sets of DPD options and accessories.