Kaman Helicopters is expanding the firefighting capabilities of K-MAX helicopters again.

The company is developing an innovative, powerful water cannon that will deliver water directly to the source of a fire, according to Mark Tattershall, director of marketing and business development for Kaman Helicopters. The cannon will shoot water from the front of the helicopter, enabling more direct, effective coverage when fighting fires in high rises or private homes, for example.

K-MAX helicopters continue to perform important work, including firefighting, worldwide. The newest K-MAX operator, Skywork Helicopters, flew its inaugural mission using a Bambi Bucket to successfully battle a massive blaze in New Zealand’s Torehape Wetland. Although the logging business has slowed worldwide, operators such as Swanson Group Aviation continue work such as the installation of environmentally friendly power lines in California.

The multi-mission K-MAX is a 6,000lb power lifter that maintains performance in hot/high environments. The K-MAX fleet of helicopters has amassed over 240,000 hours.

Kaman Helicopters, a division of Kaman Aerospace Corporation, is a member of the Kaman Corporation group of companies, which conducts business in the aerospace and industrial distribution markets. The group is a subcontractor for complex metallic and composite structures and components for commercial, military and general aviation aircraft. It designs and manufactures fuzing devices for the US and allied militaries, and markets and supports its SH-2G and K-MAX helicopters.