The GenStar III™, the third generation of their venerable GenStar product line (which was first introduced in 1998), is now available, and General Digital are taking orders for units. Designed specifically for air traffic control towers and the FAA’s STARS program, the GenStar III is a sunlight readable LCD monitor (19in or 20.1in display) featuring LED backlighting, which has numerous benefits compared to CCFL-type backlights:

  • Lower power consumption
  • Lower heat emission
  • Lower operating temperature, down to -40°C
  • Lower voltage, which allows operation at high altitudes
  • Lower IR signature bodes well in night-vision imaging system (NVIS) applications
  • Longer life
  • More robust for rugged environments

The GenStar III Lite, which will be configured without components the end-user would not utilize, is also available.