SENER will present an exclusive preview of ‘FORAN Version 60’ at NORSHIPPING.

In brief some of the major breakthroughs of this version are:

  • A revolutionary way to define internal hull structure
  • New module with interactive 3D environment and innovative methods for cable and cable tray definition and equipment layout.
  • An original way to generate, understand, check and control the hull structure production information, with new shell expansion possibilities, panel jigs sketches, etc.
  • More components in the sketches and drawings, enhanced 2D and 3D drafting functionalities, new automatic generation of 2D drawings directly form the 3D model, new automatic build strategy sketches, additional tools for mechanical design.
  • FORAN Development Environment, increasing the scope with more functions for modelling and handling the 3D model and extracting customized information.
  • Native windows document formats throughout the MS Windows COM interface.
  • FORAN Document manager (FORAN Document System), another way to generate FORAN Documents directly into MS Windows formats
  • New module for Damage Probabilistic Calculations with efficient user interface and including the latest classification society rules.
  • Online pipe bending radius control. Additional outfitting components, user attributes, auxiliary structure and supports functionalities.
  • Oracle 9i, improvement in administrative tools, automatic intelligence version control
  • More advanced model Import/export functions and formats (Catia, Pro Engineer, others)
  • Additional PDM collaborative tools.
  • Redesigned symmetry control for build strategy, more powerful tools for automatic definition of fabrication plane.
  • Improvements in hull forms visualization, advances in corrugated bulkheads definition, enhanced functionalities in topology.

This is, by far, the biggest advance ever in Shipbuilding CAD/CAM. See it at NORSHIPPING ’05, 7th – 10th June, 2005.